In a world plagued by consumerism and materialism, our love of hefty price tags comes as no surprise. I mean let’s face it, the GFC was essentially the upshot of people- primarily pillocks- spending money they simply didn’t have.

The term ballin’ derives from the ridiculous amounts of money bequeathed to NBA (National Basketball Association) players as salaries, and which in turn sparked a nationwide obsession with an ostentatious and lavish lifestyle. This lifestyle was quick to be adopted by gun-toting rappers and the hip hop culture at large as they too were netting big pay packages, although not quite in the same bracket as the pro basketball players. Howbeit, some hip hop luminaries nowadays like Jay-Z and P.Diddy have exceeded their athletic counterparts.

Ballin’ thrives on narcissism- perhaps even chauvinism- and the continual struggle to beautify oneself for the public eye, pushed forward by certain media outlets condoning all things lush and plush. In essence though, it is all about flaunting. Flaunting cars, flaunting dresses, flaunting houses, flaunting chains. Prima facie, the key to the city, although simply put- bragging rights. The only hindrance to such overt behaviour and display is the prerequisite of a ton of cash. This is when being a hip hop mogul, producer or musician, an athlete, an actor, an heir/heiress, a CEO, a drug or war lord, a partner in a law firm, a cyber millionaire or a merchant banker can really be beneficial to your cause. Ballin’ used to saturate its foundation, the hip hop culture, but now it appears to have become interchangeable with pop culture. Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Rihanna are just some of the pop divas to embrace this excessive lifestyle.

So in keeping with this trend- and by disentangling the somewhat broad meaning of ballin’- we get down to the core: money.

And as long as it exists, we may as well celebrate its absurdity. And this is exactly what this site will do. It is a wealth of wealth. Anything concerning monolithic amounts of money you will find here. Modern accessories for the dapper gentleman, yachts more akin to avant-garde cities than vessels of the sea, cognac worth more than your car; you get the picture: Extravagance. Enjoy; and dream. Yours Sincerely,

Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin