The Peninsula New York is all luxury located on the corner of the illustrious Fifth Avenue and 55th Street. The Hotel was bought in 1988 by the Peninsula group for $127 million. The Peninsula New York has received the AAA Five-Diamond Award for thirteen consecutive years and in 2007 it was named one of the greatest Hotels in the world by Travel + Leisure Magazine.  In 1979, the Swiss hotel owner Rene Hatt took over the hotel and started a long renovation process which lasted until 1987 and cost $200 million. In 1988 the hotel was bought by its current owners, The Peninsula Hotels, and they spent $45 million on a second renovation. The Peninsula Suite will set you back $16, 000 a night. Pictured below is the Peninsula suite in HK.

Peninsula hotel

Why not hire out your own private jet for a trip away? Magellan Jets offer private charters- on 24hrs notice if you’re a member. Becoming a member is $250, 000; a small fee to watch the world from a birds-eye view sipping on a martini, n’est-ce que pas?


The Armani Hotel Dubai is situated within the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, overlooking the Arabian Gulf in the UAE. Prescribing to a style of minimalist elegance, the hotel exudes sophistication and meticulous attention to detail. The Armani Dubai Suite is one of its kind with 390 square metres of space and elegance, personally designed by the man himself, Giorgio Armani.  The room prices are about as sky-high as the building itself. The Armani Studios i.e. the standard room will set you back a burly$1,089 a night; the Classic rooms $1,634; the Armani Premiere rooms $1,769; the Armani Suites $2,178; the Armani Executive rooms $2,450; the 6 Armani Ambassador rooms $2,722; and the 5 Armani Signature rooms $4,084.

Burj Khalifa


aston martin

The Aston Martin One-77 epitomises ballin’, relieving one’s black amex of between six and seven million. China’s fast approaching having one million millionaires, an increase of ten per cent on 2010, and several affluent Chinamen snapped up all five of the models which were set to be on display at the Shanghai Motor Show in April this year one week prior. The One-77 is constructed from carbon fibre and aluminium and is powered by a 7.3-litre V12 engine. Only 77 have been made.


Piaget watches culminate a long history of design and technical mastery, and should be a resident fixture on any dapper gentleman’s wrist. They do, however, cost similar to a small apartment. The ones pictured, approximately $250k. Their technical savoir-faire has recently reached a new level with the introduction of a series of watches that measure 2.35mm thick, but if that doesn’t tickle your fancy perhaps a diamond-encrusted one does.


the cantiliver

A touch of engineering ingenuity, the cantilever, projects the entire wing of a house into Lithuanian night skies with no visible signs of support. Yes, please.


The new Bentley GT Continental has a top speed of 318 km/h and will gear change in a swift 200 milliseconds. The interior boasts meticulously stitched, rich leather seats and deep polished wood accents, and has a sound-system that offers 8 speakers/8 channels and delivers an almost concert-hall like experience. The 2011 Bentley GT Continental will empty your pockets of at least $200k.



The staggering 155m Streets of Monaco yacht is expected to cost over $1.1 billion to build and is modelled on a section of the principality, Monte Carlo. On the flip-side, it doesn’t have a pool… It has a beach. Anyway, while we’re on the subject of Monte Carlo, we may as well throw in a picture for good measure. I mean it is, after all, a ballers stomping ground.

Monte Carlo

Unveiled at the Monaco Boat Show in 2010, the Beluga yacht won the title of ‘The Best New Super Yacht Concept’. Howbeit, the ship is no longer just a concept – its designers are in talks with a major Dutch manufacturer to produce the vessel for around $200 million. The spacious yacht features two living levels connected by a glass staircase and mezzanine. The sunroof opens like the mouth of a whale and measures 100 square metres. The owner’s suite is located on the roof in an oval glass room, while the belly of the Beluga holds five luxury suites with extendable balconies and ensuite spas. The front of the yacht will include a beach club with a 14m long swimming pool, cocktail bar and a lounge area spanning two levels. Also on board will be a gym, theatre, bar, library and greenhouse. It can accommodate 30 staff in separate facilities, including their own living area and kitchen. Aesthetically I think it could be improved, but on board I think you could have a whale of a time.